Substance Abuse and Treatment Methods for Addiction – A Crisis in Need of Disruption

GOH Technology

Sustainable Impacts with Evidence-based Tools

We develop evidence-based, digital and innovative solutions to work with individuals, families, professionals and organizations in order to implement and support increased adaption of best practices and decrease the cost of human suffering and social impact. GOH develops innovative cloud-based solutions in order to leverage human interaction and treatment methods in a new digital setting.

GOH Rehab

Innovative Solutions through Empirical Research

GOH works with treatment systems, institutions and private sector in order to quantify—and make actionable—quality improvement efforts in processes. Our product and services are explicitly designed to meet new challenges and opportunities for a healthcare.

GOH Advisory

Driving Change and Leading the Field

Our research and development is focused on using science, policy and practice to change and improve the way in which substance use disorders are viewed and managed. Our mission is to reduce the devastating problems of substance use disorders affecting individuals, families, communities, and society.

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